This event is for business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, HR, managers, visionaries and CEOs.

  • Learn the 7 fundamental tools that a GREAT MODERN AND EXCELLENT LEADER must have!
  • Improve your performance by using a more effective MINDSET
  • Increase your profit by providing the right SERVICE and running a business with purpose
  • CONNECT with like-minded people and find new business opportunities!
  • GROW exponentially and step into EXCELLENCE

It’s a paradigm shift: until recently, we exchanged our work for hours and money, but now the global economy is based on experience. We must establish another type of leadership that takes into account logic and intuition. With that premise, Ismael Cala reflects on some kind of mindful exponential leadership in this conference accompanied by top speakers.

* Ismael Cala’s presentation, as well as all other presentations on this event, will be in English.

** 1% of the tickets sold will go to a charity organization – to be announced at the event!

Ismael Cala

Internationally renowned communicator, bestselling author and lead speaker on topics of personal growth, leadership, inspiration, and wellbeing, announces his tour “Mindful Exponential Leadership” in Europe. Ismael Cala is well known as the Latin American Larry King and the Spanish voice of Deepak Chopra.

A Journey into the Future

Incorporating this new paradigm promoted by Ismael Cala constitutes the “breaking point” needed to remain current, avoid extinction, and become conscious leaders committed to our expansion and that of the world around us. Nowadays, companies and societies need leaders who are willing to step up to the next level.


  • Mindfulness is not a trend. What is its importance?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • What does a mindful exponential leader need to practice in the VUCA world?
  • What is the difference between a leader with a vision of incremental growth and a mindful exponential leader?
  • Qualities of a leader who manages exponential growth.
  • How to be like the bamboo in mindful exponential leadership.
  • Neuro education is the “agile” learning method for future leaders.
  • Practical mindfulness exercises.

Date: May 4, 2018

Location: Convendum, Vasagatan 16, 1st floor, Stockholm, Sweden

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Per Holknekt

Well-known Swedish entrepreneur and founder of several companies. One of Sweden’s top-rated and most popular speakers with compelling stories and teachings from a rollercoaster life: From international professional skateboarder to a business owner and then homeless drug addict and Big Brother participant. After founding the international clothing company Odd Molly with fashion designer Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan, he becomes “Founder of the Year” at Sweden’s annual entrepreneurial gala Entreprenörsgalan. Nowadays he is a branding consultant, among other ventures which include a magazine, a radio show and publishing his autobiography.

Dee Omar

Video expert and participant of Swedish TV reality FARMEN with over 30 000 followers on Social Media.  Dee has made videos for big brands such as H&M, Industry Rockstar, Mahima Mindset and Stockholm Fashion Week. She knows exactly “How To Grow Your Business With Videos & Social Media”.

Dee Omar

Video expert and participant of Swedish TV reality FARMEN with over 30 000 followers on Social Media.  Dee has made videos for big brands such as H&M, Industry Rockstar, Mahima Mindset and Stockholm Fashion Week. She knows exactly “How To Grow Your Business With Videos & Social Media”.

Mylene Fernström

Award Winner Author, international speaker, consultant, specialist and strategist in Excellence. Her mission is to contribute to a world of Excellence awakening the Excellence that we all carry inside. Conveying what characterizes all great people and businesses. Adding value to you and your company.

According to Mylene: “Excellence is not perfection, Excellence is progression and high standards. We can all be Excellent, we all can be Extra-ordinary”.

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Mylene has had a lifetime commitment to Excellence. Especially at 19 years old, finishing her engineering studies, she made the decision to work only with companies who were committed to excellence and were the best in their fields. In fact, she has 25 years of professional achievements and experience working in multinational companies such as 3M, Volvo Cars, Aker Kvaerner, Metso Power. In 1996 she was the winner of the Excellence Award in Volvo Cars. Mylene, Chemical Engineer and e-Commerce Manager from Colombia, in her pursuit of Excellence moved to Sweden as an exchange student in 1990 and has since lived here. Mylene is the founder of Excellence Management is the platform on which you can find, inspiration and examples. Here you can also ask for advice and tools that will serve you to find your own and your company’s Excellence. In this way, you can be the best version of you and also go ahead of your competitors. You can be an amazing person and entrepreneur. You can be great and memorable!
Jacqueline Camacho

Jacqueline Camacho


Award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, philanthropist and author. Founder of The Fig Factor Foundation focused on unleashing the amazing in young Latinas and creator of the Today’s Inspired Latina book series and international movement. Regular guest on local and national TV, radio and print publications. As a two-time cancer survivor, Jacqueline possesses wisdom about life well beyond her years. She is one of the few Latina small airplane pilots in the US.
Viktor Bulle

Viktor Bulle


Viktor grew up under the Latvian Soviet regime where business wasn’t allowed but his interest in personal success grew. He moved to Sweden in 2001 where he gained knowledge from different mentors and created a successful company. Now he has a passion to teach others the keys to success. Viktor is a life coach and motivational speaker that visits Latvia on a monthly basis where he teaches in prisons and to local business people about purpose, vision and goals. He is an author of his upcoming book, “The golden keys to unlocking your success.”
Karina Sandoval

Karina Sandoval

The Netherlands

Karina is a Fundraising expert with 15 years’ experience working with international organizations in Latin America, USA, and Europe. She holds a MBA from University of Dallas and a second Master’s Degree in International Development from the University of Amsterdam. She is passionate about assisting clients worldwide with their fundraising efforts and does so by helping them with strategy development, strategic alliances with and for the corporate sector, cause-related marketing campaigns, and scouting for impact investment opportunities.
Stefan Rapp

Stefan Rapp


Stefan is a successful entrepreneur, international speaker, coach and master trainer. He helps people to raise to a higger level and live a balanced life following his “5 Core Fundamentals of Success”. He is also the owner of multiple businesses, including an accounting firm, a Real Estate investment company and an IT Firm. Born with dyslexia, discouraged by judment and feeling different since his early years, he found the way to succeed which he shares both with people he coaches and with participants in his international lectures.

After this conference you will:

Understand the innovative leadership concept: “the mindful exponential leader”


Ismael Cala’s ground-breaking proposal

Elevate your performance facing the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world


to remain current and avoid extinction as dinosaur

Make better decisions in your personal and professional development


by taking into account logic and intuition

Step up to the next level


and join us on this journey into the future


12:30 to 15:30

  • 12:30: Registration
  • 13:00 – 15:30: Speakers

15:30 to 17:00

  • 15:30: Break
  • 16:00 – 17:00: Ismael Cala 


  • Networking session

Location: Convendum, Vasagatan 16, 1st floor, Stockholm


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