• How to grow exponentially together with your profit!
  • This event is for business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, HR, managers and CEOs.
  • Take the chance to meet like-minded people and get new business opportunities!

Note: Ismael Cala’s presentation as well as all other presentations on this event will be in English.

It’s a paradigm shift: until recently, we exchanged our work for hours and money, but now the global economy is based on experience. We must establish another type of leadership that takes into account logic and intuition. With that premise, Ismael Cala reflects on some kind of mindful exponential leadership in this conference accompanied by top speakers.

Ismael Cala

Internationally renowned communicator, bestselling author and lead speaker on topics of personal growth, leadership, inspiration, and wellbeing, announces his tour “Mindful Exponential Leadership” in Europe. Ismael Cala is well known as the Latin American Larry King and the Spanish voice of Deepak Chopra.

A Journey into the Future

Incorporating this new paradigm promoted by Ismael Cala constitutes the “breaking point” needed to remain current, avoid extinction, and become conscious leaders committed to our expansion and that of the world around us. Nowadays, companies and societies need leaders who are willing to step up to the next level.


  • Mindfulness is not a trend. What is its importance?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • What does a mindful exponential leader need to practice in the VUCA world?
  • What is the difference between a leader with a vision of incremental growth and a mindful exponential leader?
  • Qualities of a leader who manages exponential growth.
  • How to be like the bamboo in mindful exponential leadership.
  • Neuro education is the “agile” learning method for future leaders.
  • Practical mindfulness exercises.

Date: May 2, 2018

Location: Hilton Antwerp Old Town, Groenplaat 32, Antwerp, Belgium

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Verónica Sosa

Serial entrepreneur, award-winning international speaker, an author, and foremost a mom.  She empowers women towards living better through BusinessFit International with her personal motto: “Together is Better” and several initiatives.

With BusinessFit International and its signature program 91 Days to Success, she helps women entrepreneurs with the first steps to successfully launch their business online and access a platform to be seen with the BusinessFit Magazine.

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Also, she is the Co-founder of SHE (Seminar for Hispanics Entrepreneurs in Europe) the first women speakers platform in Europe that helps them to achieve their goals and reach the balance between body, mind, and spirit. She has become an expert in Relational Capital giving conferences around the world in countries like South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Copenhagen, Spain, Holland, Cyprus and North America where she has worked with JT Foxx. Together with 6 other authors from all over the globe, she is a co-author of the book “From Fed up to Fabulous” a book which helps women to find their purpose in life.


Geraldine Huybrechts

Geraldine Huybrechts


Dynamic all-round events manager and digital marketing passionate. Geraldine followed her heart and started her own business 3 years ago. Personal development and self-awareness have always been an essential part in her life. More and more, she feels her mission to inspire women. “Believe in yourself” is one of her favorite motto.
Alejandra Sarmiento

Alejandra Sarmiento


Alejandra is a psychotherapist who believes in the beauty of the human spirit and the resilience to survive. Yet, survival is not enough. She supports people to achieve their full potential by discovering their purpose and learning to live in their true essence. She also has a BA in Russian Studies and Economics, and loves food, friendships, family and football.
Viola Edward

Viola Edward


Multi awards winner, Viola is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist-Coach specializing in Breath-Coaching Training, Relationships, Addiction Prevention and Business Clarity. International speaker and author, who has published two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed?” 2017. Now, at 59, she is based in Cyprus and enjoys taking the time to travel abroad and teach her creation of the Feminine Capital Rhythm, the Alchemy of Emotion and Relational Capital among others.

Clara Seren Amram

Clara Seren Amram


The first Latina to become a member of the Turkish Bar Association, Clara is a pioneer in her field. With a Master Degree in International Law and Human Rights and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Diploma, she transformed her passion for healthy and mindful living into a mission to bring happiness and wellbeing to others. Through her three books and her ‘Clarita’s Way’ brand, Clara advocates the benefits of living a simple and balanced lifestyle through her unique recipes, inspired by her rich multicultural background.

Jacqueline Camacho

Jacqueline Camacho


Award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, philanthropist and author. Founder of The Fig Factor Foundation focused on unleashing the amazing in young Latinas and creator of the Today’s Inspired Latina book series and international movement. Regular guest on local and national TV, radio and print publications. As a two-time cancer survivor, Jacqueline possesses wisdom about life well beyond her years. She is one of the few Latina small airplane pilots in the US.

Grazia Maria Giordano

Grazia Maria Giordano


Grazia is a manager, who after a 20-year long career in big Corporations took the big leap into consulting. Her “People Friendly Processes” approach aims at bringing the person at the center of the processes to create the best environment where people can work and thrive. A mother of 3, she is a strong advocate of female presence in the workplace, and she has always stayed true to the feminine power values.

After this conference you will:

Understand the innovative leadership concept: “the mindful exponential leader”


Ismael Cala’s ground-breaking proposal

Elevate your performance facing the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world


to remain current and avoid extinction as dinosaur

Make better decisions in your personal and professional development


by taking into account logic and intuition

Step up to the next level


and join us on this journey into the future


13:30 to 16

  • 13:30: Registration
  • 14:00 – 16:00: Speakers

16 to 18:30

  • 16:00 – 16:15: Break
  • 16:15 – 18:30: Ismael Cala 


  • Networking session with chocolate tasting experience

Chocolate Tasting & Networking

Following the Conference, you will have a unique opportunity to network with the speakers and participants of the conference and enjoy a magical chocolate tasting experience offered by Puro Origen, which distributes exclusively in BENELUX the finest chocolates from Venezuela, Chocolates El Rey, where the best cacao in the world comes from.

Location: Hilton Antwerp Old Town, Groenplaat 32, Antwerpen, 2000, Belgium

Hilton Antwerp Old Town

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